The Farm at Oxford

a sustainably grown cut flower farm

looking for our chemical free, fresh, locally grown flowers? 

Have an up and coming event such as a big party or a wedding, but want to try your hand at doing the flowers yourself? Or just love having tons of fresh flowers around your home and experimenting with floral design? Try our flowers by the bucket option. 

Flower Bucket Details: Typically available between April and October:

  • Growers Choice of Flowers and Varieties, it is based on what is blooming
  • Combination of flowers designed to coordinate well together
  • Includes at least 7 bunches (~8-10 stems) per bucket; depending on sizing
  • Mixed Color Options: $75
  • Specified by Color (as available): $100 
  • Foliage/Greenery Mix Only (specify grays, greens, burgundies as avail): $60
  • Does not include: dahlias, roses, peonies, sunflowers; priced per stem
  • Pickup at the farm in Lincoln University, PA
  • Minimum order: $75 (1 bucket)
  • 2-4 week advance notice;  more is appreciated, will email upon confirmation of date
  • Payment is due upon pickup; orders over $250 require 50% deposit upon confirmation
  • We do not confirm or guarantee specific flowers; it is solely based on what is growing in the field; you are able to request and we will try to accommodate; If we take the order you will receive beautiful blooms, but there's no guarantee on specifics
  • We don't make bridal bouquets; but we can simply 'bunch' the flowers for you; request this in your email and we will give you details and pricing based on your order.


Please fill out the below form and submit to begin the reservation process for your flowers. 

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 Note, in the heat of the summer, think about storage before your event; make sure you have a cool room to store the flowers if you pick them up a day or two before your event. These are farm fresh and won't need additional processing typically; but it's important to have a place for storage until your event. 

We will email you confirmation of your order and pickup date once we confirm the schedule & floral inventory. Please give us 72 hours to respond to your emails. 

Once confirmation is sent, no cancellations are accepted as we will reserve a portion of our upcoming floral inventory for your event. 


The Farm at Oxford is a proudly featured grower on Field to Vase, a premiere advocate for the growing local flower movement and a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.