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For Ship: 2018 Spring Bulb Subscription Box : Grow Your Own!

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For Ship: 2018 Spring Bulb Subscription Box : Grow Your Own!


*We’ve had so many requests about shipping these special bulb boxes, I’m opening a small inventory amount for shipping—estimated ship dates are in early October*

Calling all aspiring gardeners and spring bulb lovers. Do you love our awesome spring bunches of large french tulips and fancy scented daffs? Now you can grow your own! We always get asked about varieties to grow and where to source; so we ordered extras of our favorites and will bundle them up for you all to grow in your gardens at home! 

This is our first year offering this, and we are really excited about the opportunities this gives other bulb lovers like us who may not have access to some of these special varieties.


Your very own subscription box of spring bulbs; hand selected by Mara at the Farm at Oxford; and lovingly individually packaged up for you to grow at home. In each box, you will get:

- 4 bags of (15) tulips; 4 different varieties, each individually packaged and labeled. Which varieties we are still working out on our end; but they will be a selection of our favorites, such as Pink or Salmon Impression; Apricot or Salmon Parrot; the popular peachy browns Apricot Foxx or Brown Sugar; and a special fluffy peony double such as Finola or Mount Tacoma, or other options.

- 3 bags of (15) daffodils; 3 unique varieties; which varieties we are still working out; but it can be any of the following favorites of ours; Winston Churchill, Ice King, Apricot Whirl, Tahiti, or other fun fancy options. We love scented and/or fluffy double daffs so you won’t find your basic yellow King Alfred here.

-1 bag of 15 allium; could be drumstick, or azureum, or purple sensation or similar

The bulb total will be 120 bulbs. While this may sound like a lot if you are unfamiliar with growing bulbs, that means you will have 120 flower stems. If you plan to cut any stems, that is just a few bouquets. We plant tens of thousands of bulbs on our farm. This sample box will make a smaller showing visually as well. People are often surprised at how ‘small’ ~100 bulbs can look like in the landscape. If you love to cut flowers, you may consider ordering TWO boxes, one for your landscape and one to cut from. It’s always hard to cut from flowers you want to enjoy in the yard as well.

Note: While we can't guarantee a specific variety will be included, do know that we will select from our very own farm order, and give you beautiful bulbs that are our favorite varieties; and they will be lovely together! We ask for your trust in our expertise in this area. 


Our bulbs arrive in September and then spend a month in our cooler soaking up the necessary chill time required to give you the long beautiful stems that our blooms have in spring. While we could rely on Mother Nature to do this for us, the last few years have been hit or miss, so this is our way of making sure the bulbs get a lead start on chill time before planting out. You will pickup your subscription bulb box most likely mid-late October. We will be emailing everyone who subscribes to let them know all the details, but mark your calendars for October if you purchase. 

Once you get your bulbs, you can plant straightaway, or keep them up to two weeks before planting out if necessary. Don't feel you have to get them in the ground immediately, but within a few weeks is ideal. We usually are outside planting bulbs until December, so you absolutely have enough time. Store them in a cool dry place until you are ready to plant.

Your bulbs should bloom in mid-April to early May depending on your location & the variety.

HOW TO PURCHASE-note this is for shipped boxes only!

Select your # of boxes you are subscribing for below. We will ship your box at the time of purchase—and I have already included shipping in the cost to make it easy for you (and us) since shipping is not something we do that often.  

You'll receive a basic confirmation email for your purchase; and then an email from us sometime in early October, with further details on shipping. We don't like to email you too often; but you're always welcome to drop us a note to confirm an order or ask a question!

We are setting a limit on the # of subscription boxes to start, just to make sure we have enough, but if there is enough demand we most likely can order more, however the later in the season the less availability there will be.

Please share this with your friends and family if they like to garden and grow beautiful things.

Thanks so much for your support and love of our little farm! It's because of you that I constantly strive to think up new ideas on how to bring flowers to our customers-- I know how much people love our spring bulb bouquets and now you can grow your own. 

Please note, we are unable to accommodate refunds after September 15th.

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