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2019 Grow-Your-Own Cut Flower Summer Plant Collection

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IMG_0057 (1).JPG

2019 Grow-Your-Own Cut Flower Summer Plant Collection


​Calling all aspiring flower gardeners! Love flowers and always wanted to try growing some of the varieties you see from us on your own? You're in luck. We've put together a starter cut flower package for our local garden loving customers!

If you're interested, please read all the way down to catch ALL the details!

Note, this is for pickup only.

What is this?

A package of 30 plant plugs, made up of ~10 varieties of annual cut flowers that will bloom for you from typically summer to early fall. They will require full sun (or at least almost full sun!) in order to grow to flowering maturity.

We have put together a list of flowers you might see in the collection below, but the final choices will be based on how the plugs grow for us. Regardless, you will get a great collection of healthy plugs that will thrill you when they bloom. 

What plants do I get?!

It will most likely be a selection of specialty varieties from the following-specific varieties can change depending on sowing results:

Fluffy double apricot/buttercream/white tall Lisianthus, Double Matricaria (Virgo or Double White); Feathery Celosias, Specialty Rose/Orange/Peach Zinnias, Branching Gomphrena (dries so well also), Peachy/Pinky/Rose Strawflowers, Bicolor/Cranberry/Picotee Cosmos.

We are giving you a special 'Easy to Grow’ selection direct from our very own cut flower plugs, so you will get the same exact flowers we will be growing in our fields this year. Our zinnias aren't the common types, but specialty peaches and roses, the lisianthus are specialty cut varieties such as apricot and fluffy whites and lavenders. Everything is designed to grow alongside one another and bloom at similar times in our climate.

Do I get instructions?

Along with your cut flower kit will come planting and growth instructions. These kits will be ready for pickup estimated around mid-May, and should be planted out within a few weeks to be sure you get flowers as soon as possible.

What size of space do I need and how many flowers will I get?

30 may sound like a lot of plants, but it is not. The plugs are smaller than a 3" pot, but will grow to maturity, and flower within 2-2.5 months after planting. These plants can fit neatly in a small space. You can put all 30 of them within a 5x7' space or similar.

You will get 3 of each variety; and each type of plant varies with how many flowers it will grace you with. For example zinnias, you might get 5-10 flowers off each plant. Lisianthus you will get about 2-3 stems off of each plant. If you want one package to enjoy in the garden, and one to cut from, by all means get two collections. 

What if I want more flowers than this?

The goal was to price and put together a 'starter' package for someone who just wanted to dabble in growing some plants for cutting this year, nothing overwhelming- just fun to try.  So if you want MORE flowers than listed above, simply order more than one package. Double or triple the fun!


Pickup spots for the cut flower collection will be one of the following:

-Eastcote Lane in Devon/Mainline 

-WorKS in Kennett Square

-On Farm in Lincoln University


Select your # of collections you are purchasing below and then choose your pickup location in the pulldown. Please make sure you choose the proper spot because changing it later is a manual process and we try to keep things as automated in the system as possible when working with lots of small details. 

You'll receive a basic confirmation email for your purchase; and then an email from us sometime in mid-April to confirm the dates for May pickup once we get closer to being ready with the plants. We don't like to email you too often; but you're always welcome to drop us a note to confirm an order or ask a question!

Please share this with your friends and family if they like to garden and grow beautiful things.

Thanks so much for your support and love of our little farm! It's because of you that I constantly strive to think up new ideas on how to bring flowers to our customers-- I know how much people love our flowers, and want to encourage you to grow your own for fun as well!

Please note, we are unable to accommodate refunds after March 1 due to seed sowing & growth requirements.

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The Farm at Oxford is a proudly featured grower on Field to Vase, a premiere advocate for the growing local flower movement and a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.