The Farm at Oxford

a specialty cut flower farm - chester county PA

Business Consulting: Strategy, Farming, Marketing


Business Consulting: Strategy, Farming, Marketing


Have a small business and need help getting from A to B?

Thinking about getting into flower farming and want to pick an expert's brain? 

Already started your flower farm and wondering how best to market yourself or build your customer base? 

Have another business outside of farming and trying to figure out how to optimize your strategy?

Wondering how best to use social media to promote your business locally, and increase revenue?

Have general marketing questions about a small business or idea outside of flower farming/the floral industry? 

I'm Mara, the owner and grower at The Farm at Oxford, and I have 18 years of ecommerce and digital marketing experience under my belt. I've done everything from building out websites to social media to email marketing to partner marketing to marketing strategy. I’ve worked in hardware, software, services. The same business principles apply across the board almost in any industry.

I've been able to successfully apply this background knowledge to our own burgeoning flower farm business and take the business from the original simple idea of just selling cut flowers to offering sold-out hands-on workshops, popular bouquet shares, and now a retail spot in a local town. 

We often get so many questions about all of the above, and many times the answers are far more detailed than just a quick line typed into Instagram or an email. We've decided to take my unique blend of marketing and farming knowledge and offer a limited amount of consulting hours where you can ask pretty much anything related to the marketing and sales aspects of your business (doesn't have to be farming!) or also about flower farming.

Questions about sources, how to get into farming, how to collaborate with others instead of compete, nothing is off the table if you are interested in asking and learning about my experience with it. 

Interested? Here's how to book:

-The rate is $100 per hour; book however many hours you want in the pulldown for your session.

-Once you checkout, we will send you a detailed questionnaire form to learn more about you, your business and find out exactly what you would like to discuss so that the time paid for can be best used to benefit you and your small business.

-We will then schedule a Skype/web or phone session with you and let the information begin to flow! 

-Due to the nature of this service, no refunds can be given once the paid hours have begun; and we reserve the right to refund payments from businesses where we feel as though we may not offer the best advice for your business or model.

I'm very excited about offering this out to all of my followers, local, non local, it's open to everyone, ACROSS all industries, does not have to be farming. What I know can be applied almost to any business.

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The Farm at Oxford is a proudly featured grower on Field to Vase, a premiere advocate for the growing local flower movement and a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.