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worKS Bouquet pre-order : locals only


worKS Bouquet pre-order : locals only


Testing this out for my local customers only…

Now you can pre-order a $17 bouquet for pickup at our worKS location.

We stock the worKS shop with bouqs every Friday and Saturday as needed/able.

However, sometimes we have lots left over and sometimes we sell out Friday afternoon.

To try to better plan for our local customers, and also for us on what to harvest and have available, we are testing this pre-order option out to see how it works for everyone!

Also, this lets you, the local customer make sure you have flowers when you know you will need them!

NOTE, we are booking $0 of the pre-order here, it is just a $0 order for us to know to plan a bouquet for you. You will pay the total of $17 at worKS when you pickup.

PLEASE mark your calendar after you order so that we don’t have a bereft bouquet waiting to be picked up. We won’t be able to ‘manage’ this in the way of emailing you if you don’t pick up, and we hate to see flowers go to waste. Thank you so much for helping us manage our perishables a little better!

DATES: Choose your wkd for pickup in the pulldown. After you order, please set a calendar reminder for yourself! This just means there will be a bouq for pickup for you on that wkd. You can pickup anytime from Fri-Sun but the flowers are always freshest on Fridays!


Because this is a $0 order, the system can be a little confusing on checkout.

Add to your cart, then go to checkout.

Fill in your email address. Continue.

Fill in your shipping address (even though there’s no shipping). Continue.

Now-because there is no payment taken, the system shows the payment and billing address as grayed out, but you do not have to do anything. Just hit Continue again.

Then Purchase button. It should process. If you have any issues, please email us

worKS is open Fri to Sun 11-5

Addres: 432 S Walnut St, Kennett Square, PA

Phone: 484.732.8586

Pickup Weekend:
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The Farm at Oxford is a proudly featured grower on Field to Vase, a premiere advocate for the growing local flower movement and a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.